Miao Hmong Silver Dragonfly Ring

Miao Hmong Silver Dragonfly Ring

Miao Hmong Silver Dragonfly Ring

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Really cool little silver ancestral dragonfly ring!

Hand made by the Miao Hmong tribal silversmiths in the mountains along the China and Laos border with silver and brass.

This is a design that has evolved with the ancient silver crafts traditions and spiritual traditions of this nomadic hill tribe since ancient times.
In the Shamanic Hmong spiritual tradition there is a hidden spiritual world that overlaps with our own world. The Hmong believe that just as the dragonfly begins as a larva in the water, we begin as humans on earth. The larva growing out of the water to be its true free self as a dragonfly represents the departure each of us will make into the spiritual world at the end of our own lives here. The next time you see a dragonfly over a pond, watch as it dips down to the water but rarely touches the pond. The Hmong believe that the dragonfly is trying to communicate with the larva still stuck in the water, just as our ancestral spirits try to communicate with us across the barrier between the physical and spiritual worlds. The Hmong traditionally wear dragonfly objects such as these to pay homage and respect to their ancestors and to better communicate with the spiritual world.

Size: The dragonfly is about half an inch long. The ring size is adjustable

A beautiful example of traditional Miao Hmong hill tribe silver craftsmanship and skill.

Super cool!

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