Tibetan Moonstone Chodha Bracelet

Tibetan Moonstone Chodha Bracelet
Tibetan Moonstone Chodha Bracelet

Tibetan Moonstone Chodha Bracelet

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This Tibetan Moonstone Chodha bangle has five moonstone gemstones set into a simple silver band. This piece is crafted by tribal artisans in Nepal using beautiful stones, small metal details and a strong setting. The stones are white with a glimmer of rainbow coloration.

Please note: It is very difficult to photograph moonstone! Each glimmer of light and angle changes the rainbow coloration of the stones. It will always look different!

The metal used is a mixture of silver and brass.
Approximately 7 inches but completely adjustable to fit most wrists!

This style is traditional of where we found it, the Tibetan communities in the Himalayan mountains. However, the moonstones most likely came from India and the silver and brass from the surrounding mountains. This bracelet symbolizes the ancient trade networks that interconnect through the breathtaking mountain passes of the Himalaya.

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