Yin-Yang Shells Dreamcatcher

Yin-Yang Shells Dreamcatcher

Yin-Yang Shells Dreamcatcher

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Feel and enjoy balance with our Yin Yang Dream catcher. Adorned with many Yin Yang symbols to which are attached black and white feathers, this outstanding dream catcher is surely bound to inspire personal and spiritual growth.

In Chinese philosophy, Yin-Yang represents the two great opposite but complementary forces at work in the cosmos. Yin is the female, cold, dark, passive power. Yang represents masculinity, light, and warmth. The interplay of the two forces makes up chi, or the material principle governing the universe. Their balance is essential to harmony and health. Woven a bit like a cobweb, the dream catcher has the function to filter all dreams. Good dreams stay in the room and bad dreams are imprisoned and burnt at sunrise with the first rays of light.

Length in Inches: 26"

Diameter in Inches: 5.5"

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